Convert PDF files to other major formats easily

By | November 13, 2008

File formats can turn out to be an issue when we want to perform some file specific operations. Many times you will notice that you have a nice application which does what you want, but doesn’t support your file format. That could turn out to be a bit of a problem. So, here are some tips for you.

.pdf is a Portable Document Format which is used by Adobe and Acrobat readers and is a worldwide standard for transfering documents both with images and texts, being extremely popular as we all know. PDF files are slightly more secure as they are non-editable, but still very accessible at the same time. So here are some ways to convert a PDF file to some of the more common file formats.

Convert PDF to a .doc (MS Word) format:

Hellopdf is a free desktop based software which provides you the method to convert your PDF file into a Microsoft Word (.doc) format file. You can easily download the software at and install it in your computer. This software converts your PDF file into word format whilst retaining the original layout of the document. The software is also able to distinctly extract images and texts from the PDF files, maintaining the quality.

Convert PDF to .doc, .xls (MS Excel), .rtf, .jpg, .png formats:

PdfConverter is a free web service which converts your PDF files into MS word, Excel, Rich Text Format (.rtf), jpg and png formats. But their excel converter is the best and has good conversion quality. You can use this service at to convert your pdf files into other formats too.

Convert PDF to a .html (hyper text mark-up language) format:

PDF to HTML is a free PDF to HTML converter online. You can use it at PDF Online Convert to HTML and get started converting your PDF files into html web-pages.

Convert your PDF file via e-mail:

KoolWire is an amazing web service which provides you a really cool process to convert your PDF files. Whenever you are working, you don’t need to visit their website or to open any application. You can simply mail them at doc[at] and they will reply you back by converting your file into a Rich Text Format (.rtf). You can visit them at Alternatively, you can use Gmail to perform this task.

Universal File Converter:

You may also need to convert other file formats to a variety of other formats. For this requirement, Zamzar brings you a totally free web service through which you can convert 55 file formats. You can visit them at It’s a really handy web service to remember.

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