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Why I’m keeping my job for the moment

Of late, I have been having a lot of time constraints due to work, and I regret not being able to update my blog as often as I should. Maybe some might think that I am a full time blogger, but to be honest, I am not. As much as I would like to be… Read More »

Are you still on BlogRush?

I just put the BlogRush widget back on my blog. Although I did take off BlogRush previously, and so far I have not put it on for a month, I decided to continue with it for the time being. There might be some of you that have received John Reese’s email about BlogRush updating to… Read More »

Taking off BlogRush for a while, at least

I’m seriously thinking of taking the BlogRush widget off indefinitely, although I initially thought it was a rather cool idea. After a round of testing, I believe I haven’t gotten any traffic that I would consider significant; in fact, my stats show no clicks from BlogRush, although I’ve earned some credits within my BlogRush account… Read More »

7 requirements in blogging

After being a blogger for almost one year, its time for a little reflection. I can safely say, blogging part time is just about as demanding as any other “side activity.” Actually, blogging is like a full time job, except bloggers hardly tell you about the requirements of blogging. Perhaps they should. Most bloggers blog… Read More »

BlogRush widget for bloggers

I just found a new widget which I believe would be an aid for bloggers called BlogRush. I’ve just added it to my sidebar as you can see. It comes courtesy of John Reese and his development team, and what it does is help you get more traffic by getting your posts showing up randomly… Read More »

Blogging for the love of money

I’m in an introspective mood at the moment. A recurring question on my mind is, how do the pros combine making money online with what they love? Because when you do that successfully, it’s no longer work; it’s an art form already. And it’s something I am still learning about, everyday. I’m not going to… Read More »

Blog marketing basics.

Blog marketing is probably an overused word these days. But that does not mean it doesn’t work. After going through a few marketing blogs, I certainly think they are effective, but it does take the knowledge and know-how accrued after a certain length of time in order to even get any results. The general input… Read More »

Does your blog evolve?

One of the things that sets blogs apart from other kinds of websites is the fact that blogs are constantly evolving creations that reflect the bloggers personal taste and style. Unlike a typical static website, publishing has never been easier with blogs, and the fact that it gets more people online is the main reason… Read More »

Blog template factor in SEO

There is an interesting post at ProBlogger concerning blog templates (or themes as they are called in WordPress) and the role it plays in SEO. Although I never gave that much thought to it, I think there is a fair amount of truth in this. The most important thing is and will always be quality… Read More »

WordPress vs Blogger? Pros and cons – Part Two

Continuing from part one; here is a list of Blogger pros and cons. I’ll refer to the new Blogger here, which just came out of Beta recently: Blogger pros For many people, it’s their first ever taste of web publishing. Create an account and you’re on your way to write your first post and get… Read More »