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Chatwing: Reiterating Information Convergence

Information is the most important commodity in this generation. The more you know and the easier you access sources of essential information, the more you become ahead of competitors, especially in business industry. Of course, you don’t wait for data to come to you; you must set up a system in gathering and sharing information.… Read More »

Using Twitter to grow your business

Social media websites connect people worldwide and revolutionize the world with effective and speedier communication. To advertise your product at social media networks, what you need is just a laptop and a high speed Internet connection. Some of the most popular social media websites are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, Pinterest, and MySpace. Through social media… Read More »

How Spy Applications Can Steal the Data of Any Smartphone

More and more, people are realizing that mobile spying apps are prevalent these days. Mobile spy technology is a double edged sword, because they can both detrimental and beneficial, depending on the situation. In case you are wondering who would want to use such software, don’t be surprised there are parties that do want such… Read More »

How to secure your iPhone from theft

According to the latest reports, the New York Police Department has concluded that one of the most wanted gadgets by thieves in the city is the iPhone. This is not surprising, as the iPhone is an enticing device with all kinds of features and utilities. Surveys have reported that around 70% of the stolen smartphones… Read More »