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Knol finally launched and it looks like a Wikipedia-Squidoo hybrid

Knol, Google’s answer to Wikipedia, finally got launched just a short while ago, looking somewhat more different compared to screenshots posted last year, when news first broke about it. In fact, Knoll has launched without much hype and fanfare, but my main interest is how it will turn out and evolve 6-12 months from now.… Read More »

The impact of Google Knol

Google is finally moving away from being just a search engine to a content provider with Knol, their Wikipedia-like encyclopedia. The main difference between Knol and Wikipedia, is (in the case of Knol), highlighting and financially rewarding the invited authors (whomsoever gets chosen), with a portion of the ad revenue share. I would describe Knol… Read More »

Page Rank downgrades and upgrades

Google is really the king of suspense. With all the buzz about Page Rank drops for major sites, it had to happen – a real Page Rank update. Sometime around a few hours ago, Google did something I never expected, raise my Page Rank to 3 in the space of a few hours. Yep, checked… Read More »

Carnage on the Web

October 24 2007 – A day of Web infamy. Right now even as I speak, there is carnage, and more carnage everywhere, on the Web. Making good on its warning, Google has begun round two of its campaign to demote sites which it has deemed to be not in compliance with its policies. The first… Read More »

More Gmail storage space

Today, while checking my Gmail, I noticed that the storage space has crossed over past 3 Gb worth of storage space. It was like 2.9 Gb for the longest time, and there’s no way it could have gone up so fast. According to the official Gmail blog, it says that “more Gmail storage is coming.”… Read More »

Google’s 9th birthday and the number 9

Today is Google’s 9th birthday, and if you notice, Google has decorated its homepage with an understated G that looks like a 9. I didn’t know the significance of the birthdate earlier, but this particular year, I noticed something. Here’s an interesting spin to Google’s birthdate: 09-27-2007 is in effect, a 9-9-9 (If you add… Read More »